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2425 SE 35th Pl
Portland, OR

Jasper Sisco wine is Justin Paul Russell. 


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Zenith Vineyard - James Clifton Pinot Noir, Charlie Parker Rose of Pinot Noir 2014

Justin Russell

Tim Ramey

2014 is our first year working with this vineyard site in the Eola Amity Hills. We are working with Block 6-E all-Pommard Clone Pinot Noir, planted in 1999.  The site has been LIVE certified for some time now and was certified Sustainable in 2013. The bones of the vineyard were planted in the late '80s as the O'Connor Vineyard and in 1998 it was purchased and expanded by Tim Ramey. 

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Fruitland Valley Vineyard - Gratis Bynum

Justin Russell

Brian and Kathy Benson Family

A treasure of a find in Eastern Washington, and another one we found through serendipity. The site is managed by the Bensons, who also run the town's post office, automotive service center, and grocery store. Plantings started in 2012 on a 1400-foot elevation, 9-acre plot overlooking the Columbia River. Two generations of family are at work on the land. Currently we source Riesling, Muscat, and Pinot Gris from this beautiful place. We are excited about the promise of future years with this site.

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Cherry Grove Vineyard - Clara Estelle Riesling

Justin Russell

Bob, Irene, and Mary Van Steenberg

We heard about Cherry Grove through a chance conversation with a fellow winemaker. It truly was a case of being in the right place at the right time!

The vines average around thirty years of age, and are nestled in a cool-climate pocket in Gaston, Oregon. Bob has spent the past fifteen years rehabilitating what was once a hobbyist Riesling parcel into one of the best sites for Riesling in the Willamette Valley: the vineyard was LIVE certified in 2007. A slow-ripening, partially shaded portion of the vineyard helps fruit develop ripeness and acidity in tandem. Meticulous care and data collection—skills Bob developed in his former life, working for Intel—are key to this special site, and boy, has it taught us a thing or two about the true nature of Cherry Grove! 

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